Adjustment and assembly

Industrial adjustment and assemblies

Within our comprehensive service, we carry out the manufacture, assembly, adjustment and tuning of all types of mechanisms, assemblies, machinery and automatisms. We offer not only design and development of new works, but also the repair service for the existing ones.

  • We build, repair and adapt machines, mechanisms or systems in any area or industrial sector according to customer’s needs.
  • Reconstruction. We adapt and recover all types of machinery.
  • Machinery and system transfers, both internally and at customer´s facilities, coordinating all the necessary unions (mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, logistics, etc.) in order to carry out the correct assembly and setting-up of them.
industrial adjustment

On-site repairs at customer’s facilities

reparacion y montaje de turbinas

When necessary, we move to the customer´s facilities to carry out on-site maintenance and repairs.

  • Machine repairing
  • Automatisms building
  • Hydraulic turbine repairing and assembly
  • Maintenance service to third parties in external facilities
  • Pumps assembly and disassembly

En Metalúrgica Marina contamos con los medios necesarios para la reparación y puesta punto de los diferentes componentes, tanto de bombas, turbinas como de otros elementos para plantas desaladoras.

Disponemos de una trayectoria de varios años trabajando es este sector y en estas tecnologías, lo cual nos permite dar un servicio de calidad.

All of our adjustment and assembly projects are supported by the following departments:

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