Lamination rolls

Experts in textured steel rollers

At Herluce, as part of the Marina Group, we have large experience as manufacturers of textured steel rollers for the fiber cement industry, including large companies worldwide. Our steel roll manufacturing services have a wide range of possibilities.

  • Digitization of any texture on a plane or roller for later reproduction.
  •  Obtaining original textures for their subsequent manufacture.
  • Designing new custom-built textures at any size.
  • Manufacturing of complete rollers with main shaft, bearings, cutting system, pneumatic system, compensated and balanced with final precision of 0.1mm., chrome plating, tungsten carbide, etc.
rodillos de laminación

Roller manufacturing

lamination roll

As manufacturers for more than 60 years and given our extensive experience in the manufacture of steel rollers, our R+D+i department has implemented a large number of improvements over the original designs of all types of rollers. These improvements are mainly aimed at achieving a high quality of results, as well as minimizing subsequent maintenance and avoiding premature oxidation. Its purpose is to optimize the concentricity of the rollers, thus avoiding problems of run-out, fatigue breakage of main shafts and malfunctions in production.

at client´s request, we manufacture the parts susceptible to greater oxidation in stainless steel, thus extending the life of the roller in production. Various internal reinforcements are strategically installed to optimize quality and precision during machining. The corresponding Verification Certificate is delivered with each manufactured roller.

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