R&D&i Departments

Research, development and innovation

Metalúrgica Marina takes part in different research and innovation projects, with the aim of promoting the technological advances development according to the future market’s needs. The support of the different institutions and their programs to promote the project development is vitally important for their undertaking.

    • procesos productivosNew systems and production processes
    • monitorizacionMonitoring and y sensoring
    • fabricacion aditivaAdditive manufacturing
    • sistemas automatizadosAutomated systems
    • energia renovableRenewable energy
    • sistemas de corteCutting systems

Current projects

Here are some of the current projects:

FERMUS. “Monitoring of the fermentation process using low-power ultrasound for the production of high-quality wines”.

FAKTORIA. “Research of new Technologies and production processes of the Basque manufacturing network for future High Speed Turbine”.

FASTNANO. “Technologies and applications for advanced manufacturing of nanotechnology products”.

Supported by the Economic Development and Infrastructures Department of the Basque Government and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).


FUTURALVE. Materials technologies and manufacturing for high-speed turbines development initiative, led by ITP Aero.

Supported by the Centre for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI).


We are members

advanced manufacturing

Metalúrgica Marina collaborates with the Aeronautical Advanced Manufacturing Centre for the development of research projects and the generating new knowledge in advanced manufacturing technologies.

The CFAA centre is based on the business-university relationship model for aeronautical manufacturing. The goal is to improve of industrial processes and advanced machinery. The Bizkaia Provincial Council, the Basque Government, the University of the Basque Country, the Bizkaia Technology Park, as well as more than 60 companies from the aeronautical sector participate in this project.

We develop machines prototypes and industrial parts in order to improve our internal processes, which help us to enhance the final products we offer to our customers.

At our R&D&i department we combine developing and innovation strategies in order to carry out projects in the following areas:

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