Business units

Industrial machinery and automatisms para industria

We design, build, repair and adapt any industrial machines and mechanisms at the request of our customers. We improve the production and quality level of any machine.

We transfer machinery and industrial systems both internally and at the customer’s site coordinating all the necessary guild in order to complete the correct set up and assembly.

tools subassemblies

Subassemblies, tools, mechanisms and high precision spare parts

According to the instructions and requirements of our customers, we design and build all the most appropriate subassemblies, tools, automatisms and mechanisms with the highest level of reliability and with our proven experience.

Hydroturbines and hydraulic power plants

We analyse, budget, rebuild, produce, and assemble, also on-location, any type of hydroturbine and hydraulic power plant parts (Francis, Pelton or Kaplan). We work to achieve the best performance and execution times, with the accumulated experience throughout all these years.

lamination roll

Lamination rolls

We produce steel textured rollers for the cement industry. The original designs have been improved in order to achieve high-quality results and minimize the after-care.

Marina Group

Heat exchangers and
pressure equipment

We offer heat transfer and electromechanical equipment design, manufacturing and repair services:

  • Pressure vessels
  • -Industrial air cooler
  • S&T heat exchangers
  • Condensers
  • Evaporators
  • Air refrigerants
  • Columns
  • Cryogenic pump casings
  • Circular refrigerants
  • Steam coils
  • Finned pipe
  • Isolation and filtration coils
  • Etc.

Designs according to the norms ASME VIII, TEMA, EN-13445, AD MERKBLATTER, etc. Authentifcated acording to the Directive 2014/68/UE and certified with the ASME U seal.


Industrial engraving and
copying machine tools

We design and produce industrial engraving and copying machine (pantograph, sharpeners for burins, accessories, etc.), always oriented to industrial applications.

  • Sharpeners for burins and bits
  • CAD/CAM Systems

Nowadays they maintain more tan 4.000 machines over the world and they offer replacement parts and service support.

Company: HERLUCE


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